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Meet Tina

A retired advertising executive living on a 100 acre farm in Ct. I am an avid horsewoman, skier and photographer. Until my husband of 15 years passed away in February, we travelled the world and loved risky adventures.

I now take care of chickens, horses, goats, cats and two lovely dogs - plus I grow many vegetables - a wonderful way to stay young, active and sane. This fall I am going to Rwanda to finally see the mountain gorillas - can’t wait!

I will never buy another pant from anyone else!
What is your favorite ecru style?

My go to pant style is the Springfield - it is a sleek, perfect fitting pant that can be paired with casual or dressy anything!

It has a minimal amount of detail so it gives a smooth, clean outline to the body.

What do you love about ecru?

I love ecru because it is a company that offers stylish but lasting design. The pants don’t wear out - being able to wash them and then take them out of the dryer and put them on time after time and have them still look fabulous is quite amazing.

It’s the combination of great design, quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship that brings me back season after season. I still love my green suede laser cut shirt/jacket from a few years ago - every time I wear it someone asks where I got it. And then it’s all about the pants! I will never buy another pant from anyone else!